Neowit Flexspace 

Automates the whole booking process and optimize space utilization - Bigtime! 

New way of thinking!

Roomscheduling has never been easier! 

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Ghost Meetings

Automaticly removes Ghostmeetings.

If a user dont show up after X amount of time Flexspace automatically removes the room from the booking allowing others to utilize the room! 

Less action, More time


Users don`t need to do anything anymore! Just step into the room and you have booked it for x defined minutes. When you step out it will 

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Less action, More time

Use Any Roomscheduling Panel 

We communicate with any scheduling panel that speaks with Exchange or Google workplace 


"Time is of the essence"

Can you book faster than Henrik? 


Here’s all the good stuff

Integrates with UC or wireless occupancy sensors

User either a Wireless occupancy sensor or your excisting UC equipment and start enabling features in the Neowit platform

Autobooking and AutoRelease

Reduces the steps to book. Automtaticly removes ghostmeetings after your preferred settings!

Profile and Rules

Every company, department or region is different! Create your profiles and rules and deploy

No programing needed

Configure and deploy. It does not get easier than this!


Start with Flexspace expand with workspace

Our platform is modular, you can start with Flexspace and expand further into the world of Neowit Workspace!