Neowit Analytics

One tool for your building and workspace metrics

Easy to use analytics that allows you to get insights on how your officespace or building is being used! 

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See how your spaces is being used!


Building utilization

See what buildings is most populare and what floors that is most used! Now you get full insight of space utilization.

Meetingroom and Desk Utilization

What type of rooms are most populare? How much are your office desks being used? Do you need more or less? No worries, we got you covered with the right data!


See live or go back in time to get a heatmap of what areas is most populare so that you can optimize your officespace!

People Counting

By using people counting sensors, CCTV or even UC equipment we provide you with full insights on people counting and flow.


Integrate your new or excisting sensors to the Neowit Platform and get data on airquality! Both live and historically!

Booking insights

How does people book rooms and desks, how many ghostbookings do you have, what days are most populare and much more!

Desk utilization

How much are your office desks beeing used! Do you need more or less? No worries, we got you covered with the right data!

Data Cross Check

Crosscheck data against each other. How is people vs airquality affecting a room, floor or the building in total!

Integrate with your existing technologies 


Create impact with real data

Start making data driven decisions today! 

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The best building and office analytics tool!