Nordic Partner of Openpath

We are proud to announce that Neowit is an exclusive Nordic partner of Openpath!

Openpath is an American company headquartered in California. They are a provider of access control, with a large customer base in America, yet unknown in Scandinavia until now. Their innovative mindset fit right in with us. Together with Openpath we can deliver solutions more effective than ever seen before.

With Openpath we want to show how effective a technological unbeatable seamless solution can be with a highly secure access control with entry access using a simple hand gesture. The solution is cloud-based with easily administrated credentials achieving full control. Not to mention the award-winning readers sleek and minimalistic Norwegian design.

With our expertise and solution in collaboration with our partners, we can offer a complete system for a safe, insightful and seamless everyday life. Openpath’s access control hardware and enterprise cloud-based software give you peace of mind and protection to reopen your doors with confidence. Fast. Reliable. Hands-free.

Openpath: Hands-free, wave to unlock

// Neowit

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