New partnership with Airthings!

We are proud to announce our new partnership with the fast growing sensor and air quality company Airthings – We are now officially a Silver Partner in the Nordics!

Established in 2008, Airthings is a global tech company led by a team of experienced scientists, engineers, developers and visionaries, with a common goal: to educate on the prevalence of radon, as well as other indoor air contaminants, and develop accessible technology solutions to help people stay healthy.  Airthings has in a short period of time become one of the leading companies in sensors for measuring Air Quality and Airpressure in commercial spaces, and consist of over 100 highly skilled employees working on delivering the best air quality sensors in the market.

Why air quality matters
We spend 90% of our time indoors. Good air quality makes employees and students happier, healthier and more productive. Studies have shown a 58% reduction in employee sick leave1 and a 101% improvement in decision making abilities. Understanding what is in the air can help you optimize your ventilation and building maintenance based on need, resulting in energy savings.

“Airthings together with Airtight fits well into our portfolio with their sensor technology. With our partnership we will be able to provide a broader range of sensor data and building insights to our customers in the commercial market, and ensure that our end-users get the best working environment.”
– Patrick Edwards, CEO at Neowit

The Airthings for Business Solution

// Neowit

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