New customer: Aquarama!

We are thrilled to announce Aquarama as our new customer. Aquarama represents an important building in the south of Norway and we are proud to have them as one of our valuable customer.

Aquarama Bad, located in the middle of Bystranda in Kristiansand, is one of Norway’s largest indoor water parks and spas. Aquarama is a complete facility with water park, sports pool, diving facility, spa, fitness center, sports hall, climbing wall and dining. A center for public health, experience, sports and well-being. The complex holds up to 1,700 people.

We’ve replaced their previous security system with AVA Aware, delivering a new server, a new cameras and using existing cameras. Creating a hybrid; on-prem and cloud-camera solution.

Aquarama in Kristiansand

// Neowit

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