Neowit and Møller Eiendom

Security Solutions For Møller Eiendom

A unique and innovative security solution reduced false alarms, and made security guards more precise and proactive in their work.

Møller Eiendom

Møller Eiendom owns, maintain and develop over 100 properties across Norway, Sweden and the Baltics. They are passionate about developing sustainable property and city areas that meet the needs of the future.


GSS provides security personnel and is a leading provider of security services in Norway. They offer services to a variety of different businesses in the private market and the public sector.

– The technology allows security guards to be proactive rather than reactive, with better control over safety, maintenance and a more meaningful workday.


No out-of-the-box solution would cover Møller Eien - dom’s security needs for all the different types of prop - erties and real estate they manage. This made it difficult to monitor the buildings in an effcient way, limited camera surveillance did not give them a sufficient overview.

Previously, they would experience several unwanted alarms on a daily basis. The security guards would still perform the necessary control and clear the buildings, but this was neither efficient nor cost-effective. Møller knew there had to be a better way to perform security, and they opened the door for a more modern and integrated solution.


Together with GSS, we designed and set up their new security system based on current and future needs. We installed {amount of cameras} that are all connect - ed to Ava Aware. Ava Aware is a cloud-based and intelligent video management system that constantly evolves and learns from the data it is collecting.

The cameras are connected to one single hub, and GSS will monitor the video wall and control room for all buildings in one location in Oslo. Ava Dome is an AI-powered video security camera that also works as a filter, highlighting what is of interest. This reduces the risks for false alarms and enables the security guards to focus on the right type of events and prevent inci - dents.

Møller Eiendom is also strengthening the cooperation between their security and technical operations. Both will benefit from the data they obtain from sensors, access real-time data, and get notified for events that demand their attention. This means that maintenance will be based on actual needs, which secures a more effective way of managing properties.

Not only is it energy and cost-effective — sensors and smart cameras are also a catalyst for developing new and more innovative solutions.

Services In Use

We designed the solution and installed the hardware together with GSS, to make sure all parties got the most out of the systems.

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