Neowit and Holm Eiendom

Smart Sensors for Holm Eiendom

Holm Eiendom made their commercial buildings more effective to always stay on top of maintenance and service.

Holm Eiendom

Holm Eiendom is a family-owned business that has managed property and real estate for over 100 years. They own and manage several commercial properties in Oslo and are responsible for facilitating the workplace for over 1500 people. Their philosophy is to offer flexible commercial buildings and adapted workplaces by always be one step ahead and adapting to new technology, design or standards.

– The sensors are innovative, and the user interface is easy to understand, making it simple for us to onboard the maintenance crew.


Holm Eiendom strives to give personal service and flexibility to all tenants. Their janitors and the mainte - nance they perform are an essential part of their busi - ness. They manage a big portfolio and several different types of properties, so it can be challenging to stay on top of maintenance and facilities.
To make maintenance and property manage more efficient, they needed to find a way to be proactive and enable their buildings to work for them.


Holm Eiendom installed sensors from Disruptive Technologies to make their buildings more effective. Thesensors are the size of a button and have a battery lifeof 15 years. They fit and stick almost anywhere and makes it possible to keep an overview of places with limited human access. The data they collect makes it easier for janitors to know when and where to perform maintenance.

Holm Eiendom started out using sensors to measure the air temperature and detect water in their buildings. The temperature sensor measures the current temperature in any room or surface. It is integrated with the air condition system and can automatically adjust the temperature. The water sensors alert in case of a water leak, which is essential in buildings that are not monitored around the clock.

The sensors are connected to the cloud, and the maintenance team is alerted instantly about any deviation. This makes it easier for the team to organize their day and work proactively with maintenance. Holm Eiendom is enthusiastic about using this new technology and is constantly exploring more use cases and smarter ways to implement it. They spot small issues before they become big problems and ensure better working conditions for property managers, janitors, and tenants.

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