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“Thommessen: Hvordan bruker vi data for å effektivisere arbeidsplassen”

Ole Kristian Dommerud, IT Sjef

Hathon: AVA og Openpath

Martin Almerud

Image of mestergronn

Mester Grønn

Flower retailer Mester Grønn increased the security in their store by removing the physical barriers in their store and using smart technology to create a virtual fence.

Møller Eiendom

Together with Ava Video Security we have upped Møller Eiendom´s security with real-time alerts.

Holm Eiendom

Smart IoT sensors used to improve alerts and real-time data for better building analytics and insight.

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Sporting Goods
ICA Sabbatsberg
Concept Foodstore

Real Estate

Møller Eiendom
Property owner
Holm Eiendom
Property owner
R8 Property
Property owner
Property owner
Ragde Eiendom
Property owner

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