Embrace the Future of Smart Building with Neowit and Poly HP! 🌟

In today's rapidly evolving workplace landscape, leveraging smart technologies is key to optimizing space utilization and enhancing productivity. Neowit, the industry-leading smart building platform, has joined forces with Poly HP, a global leader in videoconferencing solutions. Together, they are revolutionizing the way businesses harness the power of Poly HP's advanced videoconferencing endpoints.

Unlock the Full Potential of Poly HP: With Neowit's innovative approach, businesses can now transform their Poly HP videoconferencing endpoints into multifunctional smart sensors. These endpoints capture real-time data on device status and room occupancy, providing valuable insights into workspace dynamics.

Device Status: Always Connected 📈 By integrating Poly HP videoconferencing endpoints into Neowit's smart building platform, businesses gain instant visibility into device status. Stay connected and productive with real-time device monitoring, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration at all times.

People Counting: Maximize Space Efficiency 💼 Neowit's platform accurately counts the number of individuals present in meeting rooms using Poly HP's people counting feature. Effortlessly optimize space utilization and make informed decisions about room allocation based on actual usage data.

A Sustainable and Futureproof Choice 🌱 Choosing Neowit and Poly HP means investing in a sustainable and futureproof solution. By repurposing existing Poly HP endpoints as smart sensors, businesses reduce electronic waste, minimize carbon footprints, and contribute to a greener future. And there's more to come! Neowit's integration with Poly HP will soon include air quality monitoring, further elevating employee well-being and workspace sustainability.

Join the Neowit & Poly HP Collaboration 🤝 Embrace the future of smart building technology with Neowit and Poly HP! Together, they offer a seamless solution to optimize workspace efficiency, boost productivity, and create a healthier work environment. Click the link to learn more about our exciting collaboration with Poly HP: Read more here

Invest in a brighter tomorrow with Neowit and Poly HP's smart building platform today and revolutionize the way you work! #SmartBuilding #WorkplaceEfficiency #Sustainability #FutureofWork"