Neowit & Poly | HP partner to leverage Poly devices in smart building technology

The fast-growing smart building and workspace company, Neowit has today announced its partnership with Poly | HP to bring new Smart Building experiences to market.

Neowit has in a short time become one of the leading platform providers within Smart Buildings and workspace applications stitching all technology silos in a building or office space into a digital visualization where users can get a clear overview of space utilization and device management. At the same time, the users get a live view of their office space enabling them to book meeting rooms and desks in just two clicks.

Sustainability is key for both the private and public sectors. The demand for better space utilization, reduction of energy consumption, and hybrid work technology is in high demand.

In collaboration with Poly | HP, Neowit uses Poly | HP video collaboration systems, existing sensors, and the Poly Lens Management and Insight platform to do people counting, space utilization, remove ghost meetings, device status, and soon, air quality. By doing this the customers UC (Unified Communications) equipment becomes part of the office or building in a much more integrated way. A people counting sensor usually costs between €1000 to 2500 per meeting room, but with Poly Lens software, you have it built in! And, using the cloud APIs from Poly Lens, a device management and insight platform, it's extremely easy to bring the sensor data into the Neowit Platform. This creates value for the end-user and the integrator! - Mads Høyby, Head of R&D Neowit.

Robert Manassero from Poly | HP comments: When we are developing our products we always think about the future. Teaming up with a company like Neowit, we are now able to bring added value for all of our Poly customers by letting their existing investment become a part of the building's overall infrastructure. In collaboration with Neowit, we can help our customers easily aggregate multiple data sources from their Smart Buildings to help drive data-driven decisions about their workplace and further our goals of a more sustainable world. Poly HP is about innovation, and this is innovation.

Poly | HP will showcase the Neowit integration at their booth at ISE 2023.