Analytics and Insight

Good knowledge and insight is what enables you to create a better workplace and make your buildings smarter.

Get the knowledge and insight you need to increase efficiency, customer experience and business intelligence.

Our products collect the data that makes you able to make the right decisions at any time. But how you act and utilise the data is the essential part.

That is why we focus on products that are easy to use and have dashboards and panels that are user friendly and intuitive. We can also help analyse your data, to make sure you get the most out them.

What we offer

We have already handpicked the best hardware, and combine them to make the most intelligent solutions for your business.

Neowit offers experienced project managers for any project


Assessing buildings and projects to understand the needs and see what solutions will work best.

Smart Sensors

Smart and sustainable sensors that measure temperature, humidity, touch and proximity.

Want to know more??

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