About us

We help businesses, organizations and governmental institutions to be more efficient, sustainable, safer and intelligent in their building operations. We ensure that our customers have the right information to make the smartest decisions at any time with the Neowit platform and cutting edge sensors and IoT technology.

Picture of Neowit Team

With the Neowit platform we are able to provide a unified solution that connects the whole building (digital twin) and its sensor and devices, so we provide value to the tenants, property owners and facility managers and much more.

Picture of Neowit Team

Driven by change

Neowit is an innovative technology company with backgrounds from Tandberg, Cisco, Pexip and Crestron. We work with technology and software that disrupts the traditional way of working with property technology. And we don’t mind challenging the status quo as we go.

Our company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. We are working as one driven tight-knit team across our offices in Oslo and Stockholm.

Way forward

We are eager to grow by delivering best in class technology and services. We are always on the lookout for talent to join our growing team.

And we never stop developing and looking for technology and digital solutions that solve real world problems for our customers.