Neowit. Connecting people, buildings and data

Your Digital Twin

It's finally here, a building platform that users love. There's a gap in the market and nobody is taking lead in system integration and building the brain that can control the way in which a building functions and is being used. Neowit’s intuitive interface is designed to drive adoption and ensures you can manage your property, hybrid office, shopping centre successfully - from day one.

Live view of your space

With the live floor plan you find the available desks, rooms, social zones and other spaces (bookable and non-bookable). We support a range of different desk, room and area sensors to detect the availability and occupancy.

Book rooms, desks, parking spaces in 2 clicks

Click. Click. That’s all it takes to book a shared desk and room. Other resources like lockers, cell offices and phone booths can also be reserved via mobile or web. With our booking engine you are also able to do Multi-Tenant booking!

Fully synced with M365 and Google

Meeting rooms are easy to book and fully synced with Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar. Book a room in Teams/Outlook/Google Calendar and it is synced with the Neowit platform and vice versa.

Auto-release ghost meetings

No more ghost meetings. With occupancy sensors we automatically release the room (or desk) if there is a no show. All too often recurring meetings have no shows, with auto-release we help you fully utilize your spaces.

Know your indoor enviroment

We provide you with full overview of your indoor environment either with your existing sensors or sensors we have integrated with, such as: temperature, Co2, radon, humidity, sound level, pressure, light, VOC and much more.

Optimize decision- making

Through customizable dashboards, centralize the exact unique insights you need to act more proactively in making your space smarter, safer, optimized, more sustainable and better utilization.


Monitor occupancy, space utilization, energy, and critical equipment in real-time to better understand building capacity, reduce asset failure, identify excess resources and work for a more sustainable property.

Powerful admin center

Set up your location within minutes. Use your existing floor plans, place different resources on the floor plan (areas, social zones, doors, rooms, desks, etc.), set the location on the floor plan for your different sensors and devices, and much more.

Open platform

With the Neowit platform you can integrate your existing sensors using our API. We have integrated with a large number of sensors and devices, and this list is continuously growing.