Neowit. Secure, Sustainable and Intelligent Technology for All Buildings.

We help you to get started, or go to the next level with IoT, video security, access control, integrations and building automation.

Sensor Driven Security

We provide comprehensive solutions for video security and access control. Giving you the power of cloud computing, AI, machine learning and real time data to make the right decisions for operating and protecting your building.

IoT Sensors

Small sensors that can monitor key aspects of any building such as temperature, humidity, proximity and touch. Paving the way for you to optimize space utilization, building operation or introduce proactive maintenance.

Hybrid Workplace Solutions

The modern workplace is safe, efficient, flexible and always changing. We bridge the best in class hardware, software and mobile technologies to offer seamless, efficient and customized office experience for the end user and facility manager in mind.

Sustainable Technologies

We serve as a strategic partner to enable reduction in the overall environmental footprint of buildings. Our technology products, integrations and platform can document, analyse and automate solutions for smarter energy management based on actual use.