Making businesses and buildings more intelligent and secure.


In Neowit we want to help businesses, organizations and governmental institutions to become safer, more efficient and more intelligent in their operations. By delivering cutting edge technology we also want to make sure that our customers have the right data to make the right decisions at any time!

Some of our customers

We are “Google Analytics” for physical locations


With AI cameras we can see everything that is happening in a physical location or in a retail store. In the Neowit application you can observe and collect data of what is happening, people counting, people movement, buyers habits and much more.


Neowit provide all the data, either in your own Business Intelligence application or in our Newoit Application. Now you can match data, video and images in one single application so you can make better and smarter decisions.


The result of the data collection and analytics gives you a unique possibility to gather everything in a live custom report based on your requirements either in your own business intelligence applications or in our Neowit application.

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